Team Members

Lucia Lo is a Professor Emerita and Senior Scholar of geography at York University, Canada. Her research focuses on the role of immigrants in economic development and urban transformation. Trained as an economic geographer in the spatial science tradition at McMaster University and the University of Toronto, she has brought innovative perspectives to examining immigrant integration and settlement issues which results in ground-breaking work on the geographies of immigrant consumption and settlement services. Having received >$1 million of personal grants and $4 million of collaborative grants, she has trained many students and contributed to numerous academic publications.

Professor Lo can be contacted at:
Department of Geography and York Centre for Asian Research
York University
840 Kaneff Tower, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, ON M3J 1P3  Canada

Min-Jung Kwak is an economic and social geographer with broad research interests in immigration and settlement studies. She completed her Ph.D. at the University of British Columbia and is now an Associate Professor at Saint Mary’s University, Canada. She has conducted research on the international education industry, immigrant entrepreneurship, and transnational education migrant family experiences. More recently, her research foci include the cross-border dynamics of intellectual migration and the accessibility and transnational dimension of immigrant healthcare services. Dr. Kwak has worked with various immigrant groups in major Canadian cities but developed more significant research partnerships with Korean-Canadian and Chinese-Canadian communities.

Dr. Kwak can be contacted at:
Department of Geography and Environmental Studies
Saint Mary’s University
923 Robie Street, Halifax, NS B3H 3C3  Canada


Wei Li received her geography BSc and MSc degrees in Beijing, China; and her Ph.D. in geography at the University of Southern California. She is a Professor at the Asian Pacific American Studies / School of Social Transformation, and School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning; and a Senior Sustainability Scientist in the Arizona State University, USA. Her foci of research are immigration and integration, and transnational connections, focusing on the Pacific Rim. She is the author or [co-]editor or [co-]translator of seven scholarly books, three journal theme issues, and has 146 other academic publications.

Professor Li can be contacted at:
Asian Pacific American Studies / School of Social Transformation
School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning
Arizona State University, P. O. Box 876403, Tempe, AZ 85287-6403, USA


Yixi Lu is an Associate Professor of sociology at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China. She received her BA in Sociology in Beijing, China, and completed her MA and Ph.D. in Sociology at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Her foci of research include international migration and integration, immigration policy, education, immigrants’ health, and healthcare experiences, Chinese diaspora, and China studies. Dr. Lu is presently conducting research on returnees and foreigners in China, the immigration policies in China, and China’s talent programs.

Dr. Lu can be contacted at:
Institute of Development Studies/Research Institute of Social Development
Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
1107 Gezhi Building, 555, Liutai Avenue, Wenjiang District, Chengdu, Sichuan,  China

Zheng Lu is an Associate Professor at the School of Economics, Sichuan University, China. He received his BSc in management at Southwest University, China,  and Ph.D. in economics at Sichuan University, China; and was trained as a postdoc at Sabanci University, Turkey. His research focuses on regional specialization and regional economic policy, community-based economic development, and human capital mobility.

Dr. Lu can be contacted at:
School of Economics
Sichuan University
No. 24 South Section 1, Yihuan Road, Chengdu, 610065, China

Ling Ma is an Associate Professor at the School of Geographical Sciences, Guangzhou University, China. She received her BA in English Literature and Economics at Nankai University, China, MA in Sociology at Albert-Ludwigs- Universität Freiburg, Germany, and Ph.D. in tourism management at Sun Yat-Sen University, China. Her research focuses on urban amenities and urban development, and high-level talent returnees.

Dr. Ma can be contacted at:
School of Geographical Sciences
Guangzhou University
No. 239, Waihuanxi Road, Guangzhou University City, Panyu District, Guangzhou, 51006, China

The Art Team

Alicia Filipowich, York Centre for Asian Research
Guanglong Pang (formerly York University), Michigan State University
Yasir Hameed, York University
Mo Li, Saint Mary’s University
Yining Tan, Arizona State University